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Who We Are

Hoarder Clean Up UK was born to provide a compassionate and discreet hoarder clean up service. 

To simply put it, we are people, serving people. You’ll find no corporate mumbo jumbo here. No overcharging. No disrespect or judgement. We are here to serve you and help you get your living environments back to a safe and clean state. 

Have a hoarder issue yourself? 

Had a family member with a hoarder issue who sadly passed? 

Moving house?

We are here for you. 

Our specialist cleaners are fully trained and equipped to deal with all kinds of scenarios including bulky items, biohazards, and even odours. 



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One step away from a clutter-free home.

We are a fully licensed and qualified small business ready to conduct your comprehensive hoarder cleanup service. To learn more about how our hoarder cleanup technicians can help you, get in touch today for your free quote.