Recognising the Signs of a Hoarder

Recognising the Signs of a Hoarder

signs of a hoarder

Hoarding is a complex psychological disorder that affects an estimated 2-6% of the population, making it a relatively common mental health issue [1]. It involves the excessive accumulation of items, even those with little to no value, resulting in cluttered and often unsafe living conditions. Recognising the signs of a hoarder is crucial for providing the necessary support and assistance to help them reclaim their lives. In this article, we’ll explore the common signs of hoarding, the impact of hoarding on an individual’s life, and how hoarder cleaning and hoarder clean-up services can help.

Inability to Discard Items

One of the most noticeable signs of a hoarder is the difficulty in discarding items, even those with no practical use or value. Hoarders often feel a strong emotional attachment to their possessions and may experience extreme anxiety or distress at the thought of parting with them. This results in a growing accumulation of items that clutter their living spaces and create hazardous conditions.

Excessive Clutter

A defining characteristic of hoarding is the presence of excessive clutter in the home. This clutter can make it difficult to navigate through the living spaces and may even make certain areas of the home inaccessible. The hoarder may have piles of items covering the floors, furniture, and countertops, creating an overwhelming and disorganised environment.

Poor Sanitation and Hygiene

Due to the extreme clutter, hoarders often struggle to maintain a clean and sanitary living environment. The accumulation of items can attract pests, create unsanitary conditions, and make it difficult to clean or maintain the home. This can lead to serious health risks for the hoarder and anyone else living in the property.

Social Isolation

Individuals suffering from hoarding disorder may become increasingly isolated from friends and family due to the shame and embarrassment associated with their living conditions. They may avoid inviting people into their homes and become more withdrawn over time, leading to a further decline in their mental health and well-being.

Difficulty Making Decisions

Hoarders often struggle with decision-making, especially when it comes to their possessions. They may have difficulty determining which items to keep or discard, leading to increased anxiety and indecision. This can make it challenging for them to make even simple decisions in other aspects of their lives, resulting in a feeling of being overwhelmed.

Compulsive Acquisition

Another sign of a hoarder is the compulsive acquisition of new items, whether through shopping, collecting free items, or even scavenging through rubbish bins. This constant influx of new items exacerbates the clutter in their homes and contributes to the growing hoard.

According to a study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, approximately 75% of people with hoarding disorder also have at least one other co-occurring mental health condition, such as anxiety or depression [2]. This highlights the complexity of hoarding disorder and the need for comprehensive support and intervention.

The risk of hoarding disorder increases with age, with the highest prevalence among individuals aged 55-94 years old, as reported in a study in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry [3]. This underscores the importance of early intervention and support for older adults who may be struggling with hoarding issues.

How Hoarder Cleaning and Hoarder Clean-Up Services Can Help

Professional Assessment and Planning

Hoarder cleaning services begin with a professional assessment of the individual’s living conditions and the severity of the hoarding situation. This allows the hoarder cleaning team to develop a tailored clean-up plan that addresses the specific needs of the individual and their home.

Compassionate and Sensitive Approach

Professional hoarder clean-up services understand the emotional challenges that hoarders face when addressing their living conditions. The cleaning teams approach each situation with compassion and sensitivity, working closely with the individual to ensure they feel comfortable and supported throughout the process.

Thorough Cleaning and Decontamination

Hoarder cleaning services are equipped to handle the various health and safety hazards associated with hoarding. They will thoroughly clean and decontaminate the property, addressing any biohazardous waste, removing dust and allergens, and treating any pest infestations that may have occurred due to the hoarding situation.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Hoarder clean-up services often offer ongoing support and maintenance to help individuals maintain a clean and organised home after the initial clean-up. This may include follow-up visits, organising assistance, or connecting the individual with mental health professionals and support groups to address the underlying issues that contribute to their hoarding behaviour.


Recognising the signs of a hoarder is essential in providing the necessary support and assistance to those affected by this complex psychological disorder. Hoarder cleaning and hoarder clean-up services play a crucial role in helping individuals reclaim their lives and restore their homes to a safe and healthy living environment. By understanding the key indicators of hoarding and the benefits of professional hoarder cleaning services, we can better support those in need and promote a path towards recovery and improved well-being.


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